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Over the years with my piping, I have been very fortunate to have built up a tremendous amount of friendships with not only other pipers, but many people associated with piping and other events that I have played at. I have also had many phone calls and emails asking me for my services, as I had been "recommended" by someone they knew.

There is no better feeling than having someone recommend you for doing a service, as they have no doubts that you would be able to deliver for their friend or acquaintance. These recommendations are very dear to me, and I thank my friends who have trusted me to do a good job.

In turn, I too have recommended people to do particular jobs, and I also take this responsibility seriously, as I would not like to think of someone being "let down" by someone that I had recommended. So I am very careful with whom I recommend.

However, I am very pleased to be able to say that there are quite a number of areas where I have been a part of a special event, and I have seen people do wonderful things with their business speciality, be it a photographer or a celebrant, or a florist, or a DJ, or even a supplier of goods, and I would be very happy and comfortable in recommending them to others. Some of them have their own web sites, but others only have contact numbers. Please feel free to contact any of these, and tell them that Piper Joe sent you, or even contact myself if you would like some other info on their service.

I have tried to list them in groupings where possible, and some may be listed in more than one area.

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  • Doug and Karen Manger - St. Kilda Retail Kilt Makers & Highland Dress Suppliers

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